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CAL-AV Labs, Inc.

CAL-AV Labs, Inc. (formerly California Avionics Laboratories, Inc.) is an electronic development and production company located in Tucson, Arizona. CAL-AV has provided quality engineering solutions since 1959. Our clients and customers are the major research labs and operational users from government, industry, and universities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our efforts are divided over several areas as follows:


Antennas - Ranging in size from small VHF/UHF through rotatable HF arrays over 70 feet long. We have also produced physically small antennas, including compact magnetic loops and end loaded HF versions.

Baluns - For HF transmitting up to 10 KW.

Mobile Antenna Springs - All-stainless springs and accessories, for HF, VHF, and UHF operation, including UGV, Robotics, and Amateur Radio applications.


Test Range Products - Instrumentation items for test, development, explosive test sites, etc. These include Electronic Detonator Units (EDUís, CDUís), Firing Panels, Time Delay Generators, and Sensors, including Acoustic, Seismic, Magnetic, and X-ray.

Illuminated Warning Signs  - Warning signs and controllers feature welded aluminum cases, and utilize industrial-grade components throughout. They have been in research and industrial locations nationwide since 1992.

Special Projects - We design, develop, and fabricate electronics to fill customer needs.

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Voice: 520.624.1300    |    Fax: 520.624.1311

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