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About Cal-Av Labs

California Avionics Laboratories was established as a sole proprietorship in 1959. It was incorporated in California in 1968. The name was later shortened to CAL-AV LABS, INC. In 1998, the business was moved to Tucson, and was incorporated in Arizona.

Much of our effort is applied to special development projects in support of a client's ever-changing requirements, especially in research. Some of these projects become available as off-the-shelf or made to order items of instrumentation. Our remaining effort is in fulfilling orders for several lines of standard products.

CAL-AV's flexibility and half-century of experience allow us to design and fabricate a broad spectrum of equipment or systems, often at relatively low cost, even for single items. We have an exceptional track record of on-time delivery.

CAL-AV takes care of you, the customer, as we like to be treated when we are a customer. For 60 years, CAL-AV customers have received quality and service for their dollar. Our growing number of repeat customers says it all! Your business is much appreciated.

Contact a CAL-AV engineer to discuss your specific requirements.

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Voice: 520.624.1300 | Email:

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