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How to Order

Order direct by telephoning or emailing the CAL-AV Labs.

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When we receive your order we will confirm shipping instructions and total price, including shipping and handling (S/H). Please be sure to include a phone number.

Payment Options
Payment may be made with any major credit card or by certified funds. Companies with approved credit may buy on open account with a purchase order.

Shipping and Handling
Orders are shipped FOB Tucson, Arizona. A packing/shipping charge will be added to your order. This charge, which depends on weight, size, and shipping method, will be indicated on the order acknowledgement.

Price List (Updated December 2022. Unit prices, call for quantity discounts.)


Mark-5 Standard (3/8-24 thread each end) $164
Mark-5-UTH5-UTH5 (universal through-hole each end) $273
Mark-5-UTH5-MSA5 (UTH5 and Mast Socket for 1" mast) $281
Mark-6 Standard (1/2-13 thread each end) $372
Mark-6 UTH6-UTH6 (universal through-hole each end) $438
Mark-6 UTH6-MSA6 (UTH and Mast Socket "A" for 1.0" mast) $471
Mark-6 UTH6-MSB6 (UTH and Mast Socket "B" for 1.25" mast) $495
Mark-6 UTH6-MSC6 (UTH and Mast Socket "C" for 1.50" mast) $518
Mark-6 UTH6-MSD6 (UTH and Mast Socket "D" for 1.75" mast) $542
Mark-7 Standard (5/8-18 thread each end, internal braid) $884
Mark-UTH7-UTH7 (universal through-hole each end) $996
Mark-7-UTH7-MSB7 (UTH7 and Mast Socket "B" for 1.25" mast) $983


6" diameter, nominal, 4 holes, 0.438 dia., 90 degrees apart on 4.5-inch bolt circle,
1/4" Thick 6061-T6 Aluminum, Chem-Coat, ready to prime and paint

APS-0.5-.250-AL, "" hole at center to mount standard Mark-6 $89
APS-UTH-.250-AL, to mount Mark-6 UTH pattern

NOTE: UTH is a 0.750 through-hole, surrounded by a pattern of 6 clearance holes for 0.25" bolt, every 60 degrees on a 0.830 bolt-circle radius.

APS-BLANK-.250-AL, BLANK, with 0.125 pilot hole at center $89

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Voice: 520.624.1300 | Email:

1985 North El Moraga Drive
Tucson, AZ 85745-9070

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