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Information Sheet

Mark-5 Mobile Antenna Spring

Thank you for purchasing the Mark-5 spring. We hope you will enjoy many years of good mobile operation with it. The Mark-5 is constructed of stainless steel, except for the tinned copper braid, which is internally connected from one end to the other.

Size: Approximately 2" diameter, approximately 4.65" long
Weight: 2.125 pounds.
Bending torque: Approximately 9 foot-pounds for a 10 degree deflection. Torque is measured with a perpendicular load applied 36 inches above the spring base.

Install spring using a 3/8-24 stud or bolt. If purchasing hardware from a hardware store, ask for GRADE-8, or stainless. If using stainless hardware, be absolutely sure to use anti-seize compound to avoid galling. A 3/8 stainless split-ring lock washer may be used on either or both ends as desired.

Use the flats machined into the spring ends for tightening, and for preventing the ends from turning in the spring while tightening a whip or loading coil.

Occasionally, drop a few drops of LPS-3 into the top threaded hole. The LPS-3 will wick down into the tinned braid to protect it from the elements. This is more important in wet climates.

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